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Unified Threads


It all starts with perception.

What if our perception of the world, and its many inhabitants, expanded?
Every Being has a different vantage point.
When we truly know a soul, we find solace.
Asking questions with an open mind and heart is how we learn how to relate to one another.
Relational healing goes beyond the surface level.
When we listen to someone on a deeper level, we fear less and love more. We’re all teachers.
Every Being on this planet has a gift that is meaningful to share.

This podcast is about expanding our vision and illuminating the threads that weave us together as a community.

Simply put, this podcast is about Lessons in Love.

Welcome to Unified Threads.

Show artwork generously provided by Hava Gurevich

Sep 6, 2019

Questioning what other people told you is possible is always a good place to start.

This episode is part 1 of a conversation with Ethan Hughes, one of four co-founders of the Possibility Alliance in Belfast Maine, and Grace Yoder of Polliwog Farm in Ypsi, Michigan.  Grace shared her work on the first episode of this season, in an episode called "Belonging", and connected the threads to Ethan.

Ethan and the people at the Possibility Alliance have spent over a decade working to solve practical problems through permaculture, while living true to a set of principles, one of which they call “pathways out of empire.” Grace and Amy ask questions around why Ethan and his partner & co-founder Sarah Wilcox moved from an established off-grid community in Missouri to start fresh in Maine. Together, we talk about our white privilege, getting to the point of being honest with what we’re exchanging and how much energy still needs to be freed up, and showing up to build resilience in response to this planet’s ecological and social crisis. Part 2 called “Kinship

Recorded August 7, 2019.

Bottlenose Dolphin and Humpback Whale sounds recorded January 19, 1991 by “listeningtowhales” found on 

Threads mentioned in this episode...
Wabanaki REACH (

Bear Creek Community Land Trust (

Brene Brown “Daring Greatly”

If you’d like to listen to the interviews Ethan did on “The Permaculture Podcast” in 2012 and 2013 with Scott Mann, check out this “best of” episode here:

If you’d like to listen to the episode entitled “Belonging” that featured Grace from Polliwog Farm, you can find it here:

If you’d like to contact Ethan, you can write him at:

Ethan Hughes

85 Edgecomb Dr

Belfast, ME 04915

Call him at (207) 338-5719

If you’d like to see more of Grace’s work, check out:

email her at

Thank you to the musicians who shared their talents...
Opening music by Binho Manenti,
Jazzy Robot, Taylor Greenshields, Ana Gomulka,  and other anonymous artists.

Listen to Part 2 of this conversation in Episode 06 “Kinship

Produced by Taylor Greenshields of Fundamental Sound Co.