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Unified Threads


It all starts with perception.
What if our perception of the world, and its many inhabitants, expanded?
Every Being has a different vantage point.
When we truly know a soul, we find knowledge.
Asking questions with an open mind is how we learn how to relate to one another.
When we identify with someone beyond the surface level, we fear less and love more.
We’re all teachers.
Every Being on this planet has something impactful to share.
This podcast is about expanding our vision and illuminating the threads that bind us together as a community.

Simply put, this podcast is about Lessons in Love.

Welcome to Unified Threads.

Show artwork generously provided by Hava Gurevich

Feb 15, 2016

Understanding is what we’re all trying to achieve with each other. 

Featuring thoughts from Richard Wolfe, co-founder of CrowdRise, Samuel in Montreal, Andrew in Putney, England, and a poem called LOVE from Lee the Homeless Bard. 

Key Takeaways:

#1: A common weed called Plantain Leaf can relieve health ailments. 


Feb 2, 2016

Every day that we wake up, we are being given the chance to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. 

A chance to dance the dance of life. 

I’ve always been afraid to dance. 

I was told I wasn’t a good dancer when I was younger, therefore I avoided it. 

Now I’m realizing that may have been because I was...