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Unified Threads


It all starts with perception.
What if our perception of the world, and its many inhabitants, expanded?
Every Being has a different vantage point.
When we truly know a soul, we find knowledge.
Asking questions with an open mind is how we learn how to relate to one another.
When we identify with someone beyond the surface level, we fear less and love more.
We’re all teachers.
Every Being on this planet has something impactful to share.
This podcast is about expanding our vision and illuminating the threads that bind us together as a community.

Simply put, this podcast is about Lessons in Love.

Welcome to Unified Threads.

Show artwork generously provided by Hava Gurevich

Apr 18, 2016

Polarity: “The state of having two opposite or contradictory tendencies, opinions, or aspects.”

In 2015, the Greek island of Lesbos became a learning ground of the Law of Polarity.

Featuring Andrea from YpsiTVYpsiTV's perspective as a local facing the mass migration crisis from the front lines.

The feelings are heavy.

Sappho said it best.

“You may forget but let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us.“